CMN-104 Digital Needle Warmer/Stim 4 ch 3合1探穴电针温针仪

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This unit comes with 4 channels and a large LCD screen which clearly displays timer, wave, frequency and which channel you are choosing. It's a combo unit which includes an acupoint locator, electric-stimulator and needle warmer.

Accessory wires should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on usage, or sooner if needed do to wear and tear from regular use.

*Portable, Simple to use
*Large LCD for clear display
*Unique temperature-controlling function, ensuring stable temperature of the needle (approximately 65 degrees Celsius), Safe and reliable.
*All settings of current channel will be reset automatically of the waveform is changed when starting treatment.
*Helps to locate acupupoints.
*Set up each channel individually.
*Notification tone.

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