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Convenient desktop Ultrasonic Facial Care Unit includes 2 different 1.1 MHz attachment heads; one for broader areas of the face or body (41mm diameter) and one for smaller hard to treat areas of the face (10mm diameter). 
Both treatment heads auto heat to 84°F.
Three treatment modes, Steady, Pulsed and Wave. 
Attachment Heads use Push button control, button must be depressed to treat.
Digital Display
Push button controls
Timer:1-60 min (sound notification at treatment end/Auto off)
Treatment Intensity Levels: 9

  • Ultrasonic Device is a kind of design computer panel. As an epoch-making cosmetic device, it has the following features: simple operation, wide treatment scope, quick effect, high cure rate. small volume, light weight and novel appearance design.
  • With mechanical-vibration wave generated by hyper-frequency, it is able to improve blood circulation and lymphorrhea and speed the motion of cells. Besides, it has no side effects.
  • In addition to mechanical, warm and hat, and biochemical effects, it also has the effect of relaxing the muscles and stimulating the blood circulation on softened tissues. The continuance of high-frequency wave, impulse heat affect, and entry and penetration of medicines have good results.

Includes: 2 ultrasound heads

Temperature: 0.5-1C (35F°)

Voltage: 110V/50Hz

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