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Japanese Incense- Lavender 200/bx 日本熏香,薰衣草香味

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  • The best-selling incense for daily use. The powerful fragrance in this collection mixed with high quality ingredients such as pure floral essences and aromatic woods, have made this incense a beloved and trusted worldwide brand.
  • This is a value pack and contains 200 sticks with a holder.
  • Morning Star sticks have no bamboo core, which means there is no wood odor when burning, so you can enjoy the true fragrance of the incense.
  • For meditation, relaxation, reading, listening music, peace of mind.
  • Very little smoke when burning.
  • Burning time: approx. 25 mins.
  • Size: 2.31x5.87x1.25 inch.
  • 200 sticks per box.

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