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Reusable Lavender Hot/Cold Pad Set 荞麦冷热护理四件套(含随心枕、眼罩、肩部型枕、腰枕)

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Fill ingredients: Natural buckwheat, Lavender

Wrapper Material: Beige Coral Fleece, easy to clean with damp cloth.

Usage: Heat or microwave for 2-3 mins. to obtain hot therapy.

            To obtain cold therapy, freeze at least one hour.

Kit includes:

  • Lumbar Pad: Fits the lower back and abdomen regions to provide temporary pain relief. size: 45cm*13cm, 450g.
  • Eye Cover: Great hot & cold therapy tool. Effective for puffiness around eyes. Super convenient to use with straps. Size: 16cm*9cm, 150g.
  • Mini Pillow: Promotes muscle relaxation, reduce fever and swelling, Great for stomach cramps, back pain and headaches. Also ideal for rest and relaxation during treatment time. Size: 16cm*10cm, 150g.
  • Shoulder Pad: Conforms to shoulder or neck area to offer you excellent relaxation. Size: 45cm x 27cm, 800g.

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