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DT-100 Portable Ultrasound Device is a kind of cosmetic device, simple operation, wide treatment scope, quick effect, high cure rate, small volume, light weight and novel appearance design. it is able to improve blood circulation and lymphorrhea and speed the motion of cells. Skin pulling, wrinkle removal, concave hole removal, scar removal, weight reduction, double jaw removal, pouch removal, black eye socket removal, pregnancy striae removal and crowfoot crack removal.Frequency: 1.1 MHZ Output Power: 5W Power: ON/OFF Pulse width: 2 mS Repetition rate: 50Hz Waveform: Pulse Head Diameter: 4cm/1.57” Treatment deep: 2 to 4 cm
Power 120 volt AC ~ 220 volt AC Size, weight, color 8.75" x 5.90”x1.77”, 0.57 lb, white

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Fuente de alimentación: 110V 6A cable desmontable

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