Acupuncture Needles

Wabbo offers high quality needles that are made from medical grade stainless steel. With a wide selection of various sizes, gauges, lengths, and packaging options, we're your one-stop-shop for all your acupuncture needs. 

Shop our renowned Silverstar acupuncture needles if you're looking for a needle that provides a smooth, painless treatment. Searching for an economical needle that features a no-tab, color coded plastic handle? Look no further than the Hy-Chi HP-Type acupuncture needles.  With so many different options and styles, find the exact tools you need. Shop Wabbo acupuncture needles today!

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Copperstar C-Type Acupuncture Needles (1 Needle/Tube, 100 PCS/Box)

SKU#: C3210

Regular price $3.50
Copperstar B-Type Acupuncture Needles (5 Needles/Tube, 500 PCS/Box)

SKU#: B3210

Regular price $15.00
Acupoint A-Type (1 Needles/Tube, 200 PCS/Box)

SKU#: AA3015

Acupoint E-Type (5 Needles/Tube, 500 PCS/Box)

SKU#: E3010

Regular price $10.75
Hy-Chi™ HP-Type Acupuncture Needles (1 Needle/Tube, 100 PCS/Box)

SKU#: HP3010

Regular price $5.50
PINE™ KA-Type Acupuncture Needles (1 Needle/Tube, 200 PCS/Box)

SKU#: KA3010

Regular price $4.75
Unisharp™ L-Type Acupuncture Needles (1 Needle/Tube, 100 PCS/Box)

SKU#: L3010

Regular price $2.75
Unisharp™ T-Type Acupuncture Needles (10 Needles/Tube, 1000 PCS/Box)

SKU#: T3010

Regular price $18.00
DBC™ Spring Ten Acupuncture Needles 韩国东邦绕柄针-Wabbo Company

SKU#: DB3010

Regular price $24.00
Seirin J-Type Acupuncture Needles (1 Needle/Tube, 100 PCS/Box)

SKU#: J3010

Regular price $12.00
Seirin D-Type Acupuncture Needles (1 Needle WITHOUT Tube)

SKU#: D4005

Regular price $12.00

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