Needle Moxa & Loose Moxa

When it comes to Moxibustion therapy, the quality of Moxa products is everything. The Wabbo Company takes special care in curating a big collection of superior loose Moxa and smokeless needle Moxa products. Whether you need premium-grade loose Moxa for direct burning or you require needle Moxa for indirect heat therapy with the help of acupuncture needles, we have it all.
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Needle Moxa,1cm D x 1.5cm H, 200/box-Wabbo Company

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Moxa Punk GREEN 250 grams-Wabbo Company

SKU#: 23025

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Gold Moxa Punk, Extracted 30:1, 100gram-Wabbo Company

SKU#: 23017

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Smokeless Short Moxa Stick 49ps/bag-Wabbo Company

SKU#: 23080

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SKU#: 23018

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