Jin Gu Die Da Wan - 12 Pack (200 Pills/BTL)

Jin Gu Die Da Wan - 12 Pack (200 Pills/BTL)

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Jin Gu Die Da Wan - 12 Pack (200 Pills/BTL) 筋骨跌打丸

Jin Gu Die Da Wan is a Chinese herbal supplement that has effects in promoting blood circulation and supporting bone and tendon function. Jin Gu Die Da Pian is best suitable when an acute body injury occurs due to accidents in sports or at work.*

Use with Discretion

Side Effects: Jin Gu Die Da Wan (Pian) has been safely used with few adverse effects when used as directed.

GMP Certified

*Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Since this product can only be purchased by a licensed professional/practitioner, if you are a patient, please consult with your practitioner, herbalist or physician before use or for more information.


Usar con discreción

Jin Gu Die Da Pian es más adecuado cuando se produce una lesión corporal aguda debido a accidentes en el deporte o en el trabajo.

Efectos secundarios: Jin Gu Die Da Wan (Pian) se ha usado de manera segura con pocos efectos adversos cuando se usa según las indicaciones.

Jin Gu Die Da Wan-GMP Certificado Made In Shanghai China * Esta declaración no ha sido evaluada por la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos. Este producto no está destinado a diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad.

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